Friday, September 21, 2007

What did you miss in class Thursday 9/20 if you were out sick?

I handed out the HW 11 and Wikis handout, which you can get, like all handouts, at
I also reminded folks that HW 12 does not have its own handout: see the Semester-long Research and Writing Project handout, also at What's due Tuesday, and you must bring this printed out to class to use in peer review:
Peer draft: Proposed introductory paragraph of semester-long-writing project, including thesis statement with preliminary works cited. Identify at least two books and two popular magazine or journal articles you can use in your research.
Also, the Head of Technical Services at the college library, Deng Pan, gave us an introduction to the library, using subject headings and key words, and using Keene Link, the college library catalog. In our next session, in October, she'll cover using the databases to find articles for research. The new color scanner looks pretty cool--someone will have to tell us about it when they use it. I've been using libraries since the 1960's and this is the first I've understood the difference between a key word and a subject. Thanks, Deng!
9/20 PS: Deng also recommended Britannica Online and CQ Researcher to get background when starting a research project: go to an eSource/Databases and Indexes. I'm sure you'll find the salmon-colored handout with Subject headings and Library of Congress headings helpful as well.

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