Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What did I miss in class on Tuesday, 9/11?

For those who were out sick today:

We spent a while talking about the reading, the Voice of the Customer, and I got students to answer to answer the discussion questions on http://itw101.blogspot.com/2007/09/discussion-questions-for-tuesday-911.html:

  1. What was the Kryptonite lock debacle and how might it have been avoided?
  2. What qualities of brand loyalty do Harley Davidson and the Apple iPod have and how might this relate to bloggers?
  3. What's a thought leader?
  4. What's double-loop marketing?
  5. Explain "product definition" blogging.
  6. What are some legal and PR (public relations) hazards of employee blogging?
  7. What are enterprise blogs and how might they increase productivity?
  8. What was the "productivity paradox" of the 1980's?
  9. What is "long tail" economics?

If you answer the questions for yourself you'll know you understand what we went over in class.
You can get instructions for the two blog posts HW 5b and HW 6, due on Thursday, at my academic website http://academics.keene.edu/tmendham/KSC.htm... Direct links to the two documents are:

Finally, I looked to see if everyone had brought printouts of today's blog post (HW 4) to class and invited people to share what products or terms they looked up, what they thought the "brand promise" was and whether the website of the company did offer and deliver on that promise.


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