Monday, September 17, 2007

hw 7. parents should leave them alone

I totally do not think that parents should monitor everything that their middle school kids write online. If parents monitor everything they do now than when they grow up their not going to learn how to make decisions their selves. Kids need to know how to manage their time and learn how to socialize on their own. Like this boy said he is very distracted by instant messages and the internet that he is having trouble doing his work. He needs to teach himself to manage his time.
All this up keep can get in the way of homework, he admitted” (Kline and Burstein 350)
The main point is that middle school is the age where you start to become independent. If parents are butting in to their kids business than they will never get a chance to mature on their own and become their person. Parents just need to let their kids have their own privacy.

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