Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hw.6 Interest Statements

The social computing technologies that I am most interested in right now are chat rooms and text, instant messaging, and social networking services. I am interested in these because it is so big in our world right now. Many of my friends are on instant messenger and face book 24/7, and if there not near a computer there texting back and forth. I can’t imagine not having any of these tools at this day in age. The empowerment of marginalized groups that I am most interested in finding out about right now are over coming racism, overcoming homophobia, and overcoming religious intolerance/barriers between people of different religions. I am interested in these topics because accepting all different types of people is a very strong belief I have. I get very upset when I hear people using words that could be hurtful to someone. I myself am Jewish and I have learned not to take things personal when people crack jokes or use disrespectful names but there’s always that feeling of disgust when I hear them. I am a very accepting person and it sometimes blows my mind how people can be so ignorant. The Middle East and Israel are two of the geographical areas I will start looking at. I will start to look at the Middle East because I am interested in why there is so much conflict there right now. I am going to start looking at Israel because I am Jewish and I would like to find out more about it.

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