Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Noon section cancelled Tuesday 9/18

This applies to the noon section only: Class is cancelled. I had car trouble and wasn't able to make it to campus. Apologies for the late notice--but my car didn't give me any advance notice either. :) In lieu of a class discusson about Emily Nussbaum, please read your podmates' posts on HW 7. For at least one of your podmates' posts, click on the Comments button and respond to their post. For example, do you agree or disagree with what they said? Have something to add? See a connection to another reading we've done?
You can get the handout for Homework 9 and 10 at http://academics.keene.edu/tmendham.KSC.htm.
Finally, I'm going to be asking each pod to create a wiki page that will provide useful information for the KSC community. Between now and next class, please think about what kind of information it would be helpful for other first-year KSC students, or other ITW 101 students to have.
See you Thursday!
9/18: PS: You can also get the handouts for HW 9 and 10 from the folder on my office door, Parker 003.

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