Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Links for examples of social computing

Trouble remembering what certain social computing terms mean? Here are some links to examples of aggregators, etc. This might help you with Homework 6. Also included are some links to blog-related tools.

Audacity (software for creating podcasts)
Blackboard for KSC (Online collaboration tool)
Blogger (Tool for creating blogs)
Bloglines (Aggregator)
CBC Radio 3 (Podcast example)
ClustrMaps (Display a thumbnail image displaying where your blog readers are located)
Del.icio.us (social bookmarking)
Democracy Now (Daily news, audio and video podcast available)
Facebook (Example of social networking site)
Flickr (Photo sharing, tagging, and aggregating)
Gabcast (Tool for creating podcasts by phone)
iTunes (Podcast aggregator, plus music and video store, sharing, etc.)
Juice (Podcast player/aggregator software, alternative to iTunes)
Podcast Directory
Second Life (Software, example of online world, non-game)
Smart Mobs (Summary of Howard Rheingold's book about smart mobs)
Stat Counter (Free service to track hits and referring links to your blog/website)
Survey Monkey (Create surveys to post on your blog or send by email)
Teamwork Live (Example of online collaboration tool)
Wikipedia (Example of wiki)
World of Warcraft Community Website (Example of Massive Multiplayer Online Game, or MMPORG)
YouTube (Video sharing, tagging, and aggregating)
9/18: Another wiki is Keene Wiki at http://keene.wikispot.org/ and the "Wiki Farm" on which it was built is Wikispot at http://www.wikispot.org.

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