Thursday, September 27, 2007

"What Did I Miss?" Thursday, 9/27

Students read their favorite sentence or two from their HW 13 reading response blog post for Heather Green and Stephen Baker's BusinessWeek article "Blogs Will Change Your Business," and said whether they had argued that blogging's greater impact would be on business, or non-business communication.
Everyone logged onto the Keene Wiki individually, practiced editing a line of text and creating a link in the wiki sandbox, and then the pods worked on their topic pages. Directions are in the Wiki In-Class Work handout:
I handed out an updated Semester-long Research and Writing Project handout (the annotated bibliography is due sooner now, on 10/11, and the 7 page draft is due later, on 10/25). See
Handouts for HW 14 and 15:
The 12 o'clock section got watch presidential candidate John Edwards' live webcast on MySpace, an example of the intersection of social computing and American politics. Edwards answered questions from UNH students (it was broadcast from the UNH campus, and was produced by MTV and MySpace) and questions that MySpace users IM'ed in. Throughout the webcast MySpace users were able to rate Edwards' answers, and the rating was displayed live in a pie chart. His approval rating increased over the course of the webcast.

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