Thursday, December 13, 2007

Inclement Weather

Criminy! The weather doesn't look too good, guys. That last portfolio pickup may not be in the cards, either.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4 O'Clock Section Portfolios

A message for the 4 o'clockers--since not every last portfolio has been graded, I won't be doing portfolio pickup during the final exam time. However, check your email to find out whether your portfolio has been graded. If it has, you can pick it up during office hours Thursday 2-3:30 in my office.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Portfolio Pickup Yet

Dear 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock sections--we won't be holding portfolio pickup today (Tuesday) during our final exam time or office hours today. Stay tuned and I'll be posting grades on Blackboard (most of 12 o'clock's over the course of the day, and I'll keep you posted about the 6 o'clocks).

Monday, December 10, 2007

Important Announcement for 12 o'clock section

Due to a scheduling conflict (combined with the logistics of carrying 22 portfolios around) I need to slightly adjust the place and time of our final "exam" portfolio pickup for the 12 o'clock class. If you'd like to get your final essay and and portfolio, please come to my office between 2 pm and 3:30 tomorrow, Tuesday.
If this conflicts with another exam you have, let me know and we'll make an appointment for you to pick it up at a more convenient time.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Blog of One's Own #61

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #61

Letter to New Students

Letter To Next Semester’s ClassIn A Blog of One’s Own we spent a maximum of forty minutes on each blog assignment. The main focus of the assignments is the reading aspects. You need to do them or else you won’t comprehend the in-class discussions as well as gaining a better understanding of the topics. It is crucial that you do the reading because you can then help answer questions in class as well as be able to continue on with the assignments. Often times, you might feel stressed because of the workload. For example, the number of books you have to read at once. This becomes difficult when trying to manage your time, and make sure that you complete the homework as well as worrying about homework for your other classes.The instructor expected a lot from the class. We would start class right on time and we were never let out early. This was so that she could give us all the needed material as well as making sure we went over the reading. Her expectations were high but reasonable. This is a writing class. There is going to be a lot of reading and writing. However, she would go over each reading assignment, and answer any questions you might have. This is why participating in class was very important to her. She would often encourage the class to get involved and would praise group discussions. This class was very affective and useful. It teaches you a lot about your self worth and about pushing yourself to the limit.

Letter to Future Students from Alpha Pod

Dear Future Students for a Blog of One’s Own,

If I knew then what I know now, I would have started my semester long research paper earlier. I would have continuously worked on the paper instead of only when parts of it were due. Basically, in this class it is extremely important not to procrastinate and do as much of the final paper as you can whenever you have free time so that in the end you are not rushing to get it finished. I would have put more efforts into writing the blogs which would have also improved the writing for the final paper.
In this class the students should expect to spend at least and hour on each homework assignment to do it efficiently and receive a good grade. They should estimate about forty-five minutes to read the chapter and abut fifteen minutes to write the blog. It was not very hard to balance this class’s work with other classes until it came close to the end of the semester. The final paper started to clash with other final projects that were due. Best of Luck!

The Alpha Pod
Beta Pod
(Kelly, Hayley, Emily, Lori, Sarah)
December 6th 2007

To next semester ITW 101 students,

Reading and Writing advice that you should know is, that you have to keep up with reading or else you don’t know what’s going on in the class. If you keep up with the work, you should be fine in class. After being handed your first writing assignment, you need to understand what you’re going to be writing about before writing it. You need to print out all your blogs, otherwise you’ll be printing 42 blogs at the end of the semester. That’s a lot of paper! Haha!
During this course we learned that every minute is used preciously. There will never be a wasted minute. Through out the course, you learn a lot about the media, and the Internet, and how it is used in our society. We wish you the best of luck! Keep up with your work, and stay organized!

Peace out bloggahs,

Beta Pod <3

A Blog of One's Own #60

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #60

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Blog of One's Own #56

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #56

Tuesday, 12/4

Today we listened to some very useful presentations by tutors from the Writing Center on editing final drafts, then spent about half an hour proofreading and editing drafts, and finally listened to podcasts.
I announced one change in the requirements for the semester-long project--I will accept 12 point font as well as 11 for the semester-long project. (You can thank the 12 o'clock section for talking me into this.)
The semester-long project and portfolio are due Thursday, 12/6. Please include a completed portfolio checklist, and refer to it to make sure you have everything you need for 12/6.
I talked a little bit about scores on Blackboard; I'm grading the blog posts in reverse order, and hope to complete scoring the posts later this week.
The podcasts students have been completing continue to be just terrific--the third podcasts especially have said eloquently exactly what I hoped students could get out of reading Baghdad Burning.
There were no new handouts today, but three important ones if you don't already have them are: Portfolio Checklist, HW 38-42, and the TW Submission instructions.

A Blog of One's Own #55

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #55

A Blog of One's Own #54

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #54

A Blog of One's Own #53

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #53

A Blog of One's Own #52

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #52

A Blog of One's Own #51

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #51

A Blog of One's Own #50

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #50

A Blog of One's Own #49

Gabcast! A Blog of One's Own #49