Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Discussion Questions for Tuesday, 9/11

Here are some questions I'll ask in class today, Tuesday 9/11, about David Kline's essay "The Voice of the Customer" (Kline & Burstein 101-123):
  1. What was the Kryptonite lock debacle and how might it have been avoided?
  2. What qualities of brand loyalty do Harley Davidson and the Apple iPod have and how might this relate to bloggers?
  3. What's a thought leader?
  4. What's double-loop marketing?
  5. Explain "product definition" blogging.
  6. What are some legal and PR (public relations) hazards of employee blogging?
  7. What are enterprise blogs and how might they increase productivity?
  8. What was the "productivity paradox" of the 1980's?
  9. What is "long tail" economics?

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