Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"What Did I Miss?" Tuesday 10/2

In class today students passed in the instructor drafts of their introductory paragraphs with a preliminary works cited list for the semester-long research and writing project. The peer draft and peer review were attached. In class students wrote "Dear Reader" notes on the back of the assignments, that said:
Dear Reader:
One thing you'll like about this is ______.
One thing that still needs work is _______.

We discussed the Joi Ito interview we read, listed qualities that the reading told us about, and then looked at joi.ito.com, Joi Ito's Web, to see if we saw those qualities displayed.
We looked at Gawker Media sites like Gizmodo, Jezebel, Gotaku, Lifehacker, Wonkette and Jalopnik to answer the questions: What obsessions do these sites address? Do we think that the sites address obsessions in a productive or unproductive way?
The 12 o'clock section also worked on their Keene Wiki topic pages.
I gave out the handouts for HW 16 and HW 17. See http://academics.keene.edu/tmendham/documents/HW16_ITW101_20071002_000.doc and http://academics.keene.edu/tmendham/documents/HW17_ITW101_20071002.doc.
Please take the quick one-question poll about IM that will be in the sidebar of this page until 10/5. http://itw101.blogspot.com/2007/09/which-im-do-you-use.html
Also, I'm trying out a new instant message tool called Meebo. If you want to IM me during office hours or any other time you see that I'm online, use the "Instant Office Hours" in the post below, http://itw101.blogspot.com/2007/09/which-im-do-you-use.html


Joi said...

Thanks for talking about me in your class! Enjoyed reading all of the posts by your students.

Tracy Mendham said...

You're welcome!