Thursday, October 4, 2007

"What Did I Miss?" Thursday 10/4

Today we had a rapid discussion of the Scoble reading. Students gave brief descriptions of how they either applied the Corporate Weblog Manifesto to one of their "Blogs I'm Watching" list, or defined one of Scoble's "five pillars of conversational software, from HW 16.
We went to the library and browsed for current periodical articles relevant to the semester-long research and writing project. Each student evaluated and described an article in the "In-class Library Browse" discussion board on Blackboard.
Complete the "Which instant messenger do you like best?" poll on
Sign up for individual conferences on Blackboard.
The homework for both classes next week are all on one blue handout if you got a printed copy in class. If you're printing them yourself from the website they're separate. 17B and 18 are due Tuesday, and HW 19 and 20 are due Thursday. Get the handouts at my academic web site at
Have a good weekend!


Pinkie said...

Since I wasn't there last Thursday I've been able to make up the other assignments--but how would you like to make up the library session you had in class?

Tracy Mendham said...

Hi Pinkie: No, the library assignment isn't something you have to make up.