Monday, October 15, 2007

HW 22 due Thursday, handouts available, individual conferences

The handout for your first next reading response to Virginia Woolf, HW 22, which is due Thursday, can be downloaded from my academic website or you can pick one up at my office after noon tomorrow (Tuesday).
HW 23, which is due a week from Tuesday on 10/23, will be on the same blue sheet, or you can download it, like all homework, from my academic site.
Remember, there's no regular class tomorrow (Tuesday 10/16), but you have to attend your individual conference at the scheduled time. We will meet as usual on Thursday 10/18.
10/15: PS: An interesting international copyright tidbit: The full text of A Room of One's Own is available online in Australia, but cannot be legally downloaded in the US due to more restrictive copyright laws. It takes longer for a work to enter the public domain here. The University of Adelaide Library in Sydney, Australia has links to Woolf's works (, as does the Online Books Page from the UPenn Library (

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