Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thanks for participating in the IM poll

Thanks to all who took part in the survey about which instant messaging service you prefer. AOL Instant Messenger was by far the favorite, garnering 87% of your vote. This is useful information for me--now I know that if I want students to be able to IM me, it should involve an AIM-compatible method.
My next poll will be about social networking sites.
You may find conducting a survey yourself to be useful in your own research for the semester-long research and writing project. If enough people create polls or surveys, I'd even be willing to devote some class time for participation in them. Check out the Google Template Add Feature tool for creating a one-question poll, or for multi-question polls, check out SurveyMonkey or Zoomerang. (Both have free basic memberships, but Zoomerang gives you access to your results for only a limited time.)
Willing to answer three short multiple-choice questions about the kinds of social networking sites you use? Please click here to take survey.

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