Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"The Video Game That Could Save Darfur"

Those researching video games may be interested in this article in the coming issue of Mother Jones (which the Mason Library subscribes to). I'm not sure if any of these games can be played online--they'd need to be online to fall within our area of focus--anyone who knows more, you're invited to comment here and fill us in.

"Advergames" are an increasingly popular method of bringing commercial messages to the nation's 117 million or so video gamers. Interest groups are also getting into the action, hooking up with design shops such as Persuasive Games, which, for a mere $40,000, will design a custom game to get out your political message.

There's a post about it on on the Mother Jones website. Games listed include Airport Security, Darfur is Dying, Border Patrol, and Bushgame. The Border Patrol game looks like its intent is to perpetuate the marginalization of immigrants rather than overcome it, but the other ones seem to have more pro-social goals.

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