Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HW 27

Hi gang:
I'm having trouble with the program I use to add documents to my academic website, so I'm going to put the directions for HW 27 here on the blog.

HW 27: Annotated Bibliography Entry for Baghdad Burning
for A Blog of One’s Own: Women and Authorship in the Digital Revolution
The purpose of this assignment is to to encourage pre-reading of a challenging text.
First do the assigned reading for this week, which is the Introduction and first two days of posts in Baghdad Burning (Riverbend xi-7)
Your previous reading assignment was to read the preface and skim the book, reading the first and last paragraph of each chapter or section, and reading the first and last sentence of each paragraph. Prereading the book also means that you read the front and back cover of the book jacket, and all the other information provided on the first and last few pages of the book: “Advance Praise,” title page, Editor’s Note, credits, information about the press.
Next, I’d like you to create a post in the style of an annotated bibliography entry like you wrote for an ealier phase of your semester-long project.
Write a post of 150-400 words in which you:

  • Give all the information you’d give in a works cited entry: full title, publisher, year, etc.
  • Describe the book and explain how it fits into your work in the course. Who is the author, how and why was it written, what in general will you learn from reading it, and what benefits and challenges does it present?
  • Write for a reader who has not seen the book or doesn’t know it well.
  • Spellcheck and give the post a descriptive title which includes "HW 27"

Remember, you can’t truly judge a book or an author until you have heard them out, and that means reading a book all the way through. But a first step in understanding a book and hearing an author out is to give the book a “superficial” reading or “prereading.” This helps you understand the scope and purpose of the book, which aids in your understanding it as you do the careful, thorough reading of the text you’ll do next.

PS: 10/30: HW 27 is now also available on my academic website at http://academics.keene.edu/tmendham/KSC.htm .

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