Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday 11/15

Today's agenda:
An information session on evaluating online sources by our esteemed library liaison, Deng Pan.
I collect the first instructor drafts of your semester-long projects. (Important!)
Those who didn't already sign up for an individual conference time do so.
Discuss the reading in Baghdad Burning (Riverbend 98-124).
Prepare for group podcasts. Distribute instructions for HW 36, which is due by midnight on 11/20.
You will need to get the instructions for HW 37 from outside my office, or get print them out for the website or blog. HW 37, the second podcast, is due at our next regular class meeting on 11/29.
Also due on 11/29, bring your semester-long project for our final peer review
...And actually, you have to bring a copy of your semester long project every day. On 12/4 we will have a proofreading and editing workshop by Center for Writing tutors, and on 12/6, the last day of class, you turn in your projects and portfolios for good. The end is near!

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