Tuesday, November 20, 2007

HW 37 and 11/20

Today, Tuesday 11/20, we had individual conferences instead of regular class meeting, and Tuesday 11/27 will be the same. (Some of you are scheduled for Wednesday, 11/28 instead.) Showing up for your 15 minute conference counts for 2 days' worth attendance or absence--and last-minute emails about a change of plans are not acceptable substitute.
You can get the instructions for HW 37, which is due Thursday, 11/29 from my academic website: http://academics.keene.edu/tmendham/documents/HW37_ITW101_200701120.doc.
Our next class, Thursday 11/29 is peer review, so bring the latest draft of your semester-long project to work on.
Tuesday 12/4 will be a workshop with Writing Center tutors, so bring in a draft of your project then too.
On Thursday 12/6, our last class, you'll hand in your semester-long projects and portfolios. Attached to the final draft of the semester-long project must be all your previous peer drafts, peer feedback you've received, and any thing that led up to the final draft. Your portfolio should also include printouts of all your blog posts. I recommend getting a three ring binder to organize and contain this massive compendium of your writing. Don't pay for one--get a free one from the reuse-and-recycle room in the basement of Eliot.
You will also be required to submit your semester-long project to Blackboard for the Integrative Studies Program evaluation. For that part you take off your name and other identifying info and name the file with your student id #.
If you haven't already scheduled and attended your required Writing Center visit, be sure to do so soon.
So...lots of work coming up but you are going to be all done very soon, and no final exam for this class.
Note that you can often IM me with simple, quick questions through the "Meebo Me: Instant Office Hours" widget here on the blog. It will say whether I (mendhamt) am online.

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